The Bridge – Burgas

The Bridge – Burgas



One of the symbols of Burgas and a favorite place for walks of citizens and guests of the city is the Bridge. It does not connect two shores but it connects people to the sea.


300 meters inland into the sea, the bridge attracts people from all over the country. The romance enchants not only with the unique view of the endless vast of the sea, but also keeps the memory of numerous eyes in love and first kisses.


A spectacular view of the mysterious island of St. Anastasia is revealed from the 22-meter observatory. Visitors can walk to the sea, feel the cool breeze during the hot summer evenings and enjoy a walk in the evenings, when the lights of the lanterns flicker in the seawater.


Built in 1936, the bridge was a metal structure and the platform was built with wooden beams. It is linked to a special stone staircase, to the panoramic lane of the Sea Garden and the Sea Casino. Its height is 22 m at the “Mushroom”, on the 1st floor – 6,19 m and on the second floor – 15,3 m.


In the 80s of the 20th century, the old bridge was reconstructed with a massive concrete structure. It is also an indispensable part of the traditions of the greatest bulgarian holidays – St. Nicholas Day and Epiphany. Every year, on St. Nicholas Day (the feast of Burgas) sailors throw wreaths from the bridge in memory of dead sailors and fishermen.


On the Epiphany, a solemn prayer for health and prosperity takes place – the Pontiff ritually throws the cross into the sea, for which brave swimmers compete. It is believed that whoever drew the cross out of the water would be healthy and happy throughout the year.

Night lighting turns the bridge into an airfield.

Photo: Dian Nikolov


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Burgas, Southeast


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