Thracian cult complex – village of Starosel

Thracian cult complex – village of Starosel


The Thracian cult complex was opened in 2000 and immediately becomes a sensation. Until now, it is the largest ancient building of this type in the territory of Southeastern Europe. The temple dates back to the 5th century BC, making it synchronous with the first monumental building in the sanctuary of the Great Gods on the island of Samothraki.


The tomb-heroon, called by its explorer Georgi Kitov “temple”, impresses with the huge fence of stone blocks, a staircase with a corridor and a cult site. It covers six sub mound temples, four of which unique, as well as several royal burials. Accessible for tourist visits are the great temple of Chetinyova mound and “Horizon” temple.


The entrance is outlined by slabs with plastic and colored decorations. The interior room is a huge (diameter 4.80 m) circular dome camera with semi-columns and colorful ornaments. On the north side of the temple is a dugged rock bath for the production and storage of wine. Religious ceremonies related to the cult of the Great Mother Goddess, her son “Sun” and Orpheus were performed in the temple.


The finds found in the area of archaeological excavations can be seen in the National Museum of History and the Archaeological Museum in Sofia. The site is part of the 100 national tourist sites of Bulgaria.


30 km south of the dome building, there is a “Kenotaph” – an empty tomb with dissected human body and rich gifts – a golden ring, vessels, horses, ammunition, weapons, etc.


The “Horizont” mound is located in the Manastircheto area, about 1.5 from the village of Starosel. Next to the mound there is a signpost, a parking lot, and from there to the church follows a pedestrian walkway. The temple dates back to the end of the V and the beginning of the 4th century BC.

In the area around Starosel and the neighboring villages there are 9 more mounds with unique architectural elements and colorful decorations. Mounds are researched and canned but not open to visitors.

Photo: Dian Nikolov


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